Simple Nutritional Advice for ..


This website seeks to answer some of the nutrition-related questions you may have in regard to a healthy diet for prenatal, pregnancy and postpartum times in your life. Simple Nutritional Advice for your health and your baby’s health.

Beginning to think about starting a family? If you do have the luxury of a little time before falling pregnant then this is the perfect occasion to foster good health for your body. Both partners may need to be willing to make some significant change in their lives to begin a family. Often the first thing to consider is a healthy diet for conception.

Eating the right nutrients, taking prenatal supplements, exercising and eating food from the 5 groups are important. Also reducing discretionary foods and alcohol is recommended. These changes can be a commitment, that for some people can take a while to implement and adjust to. The healthy changes you make in the preconception period, may increase your fertility and also prepare your own nutrient stores for the coming demands.


Congratulations on your pregnancy. Wanting to eat well for your own health, and your baby’s health is actually the first parental decision you will make! Now is the time to continue great eating habits for you and your baby.  Your nutrition is of paramount importance in the pregnancy stage. Your baby is relying on your intake – so it’s important to choose wisely.

Sometimes there can be some challenges in pregnancy, such as morning sickness and lethargy which can make life a little more difficult. Hopefully, these symptoms can be remedied and you are quickly able to consume the adequate nutrients and pregnancy vitamins that you need for your baby to grow and develop well.


After you have your baby your body needs time to heal. What an incredible journey your body has been on. If you are planning to breastfeed your body actually requires further nutrients to produce milk and sustenance for your baby. New motherhood also comes with a dramatic change to your lifestyle and routine, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. This occasionally can lead to poor choices in terms of discretionary foods and non-nutritious foods. Meal planning, preparation and organisation are keys to aiding you at this time of your life.

From the moment you think about starting a family until the time you are holding your baby in your arms are all moments of time you have to try to establish good healthy eating habits for your family. Habits that will hold you in good stead, and your baby’s health in good stead, until adulthood.